What are no credit mobile phone plans

At Envisage Phones, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of not only the latest smartphones from one of the big companies or which carrier has the best plan for you but also with identifying interesting developments in the world of mobile phones.

One of these developments is the birth of the no credit mobile phone plan – quite a mouthful but certainly something that is gaining traction throughout the United Kingdom.

No credit mobile phone plans defined

I am sure you have seen them advertised – the no credit mobile phone plan. Generally, these plans are aimed at members of the public who have a bad credit rating, have ccj’s against their names or even have been declared bankrupt.

Normally, people in these situations would not be able to apply for credit of any kind or even apply for a mobile phone contract payment plan. If they did apply, they would be rejected time and time again because of their bad credit record.

The thing is, because of the downturn in the economy – which will only continue due to the Brexit vote – many people are finding themselves in this boat. And why should they not have access to a mobile phone to pay it off on a monthly contractual basis?

In fact, at Envisage Phones, we are all for these no credit mobile phone deals!


And the phones? What do you get access to?

Well, surprisingly there are a range of handsets available. Bear in mind, these contracts are more expensive than a regular contract, but as the provider has to cover themselves in case someone doesn’t pay an instalment, you can see why.

If you are prepared to pay, you could get the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Often, you may have to pay a deposit beforehand to secure these.  Once your contract is fully paid up, the provider will return the money to you.

If those types of contracts are a little too expensive, there are others as well. These normally utilize either slightly older mobile phone models (for example a Samsung Galaxy S5) or even one of the range of the new budget smartphones that are hitting the market. Many of these are ideal and offer all the same advantages of their more expensive counterparts.

Should you need any more information on no credit mobile phone contracts, be sure to visit instantmobile.uk.

What are no credit mobile phone plans